Friday, September 14, 2012

The Weekly Pinterest Roundup

Please do not pin from this page. Click on the link name under the image and see all the details that go with it from the source.

The Katemade Designs Pinterest policy

I do not like to repin things. Even though about 80% of pins on the site are repins I try not to go there. I prefer to go to the source and see what the creator of the project, product, or idea has to say about it. I "like" a lot of things on Pinterest but until I have time to go to the source it will not be repinned. I make exceptions for quotes and things I tag for others. I don't necessarily need to see the original if I just want to tell a friend about a cool idea I saw on someone's pin board.

Now that you know here are this week's most popular pins.

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

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