Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Enjoy the Ride

I love making tags. They are like therapy. 
There is no pressure to make them archival like scrapbook pages. They don't have to tell an accurate story to my (hopefully someday) grandchildren and great -grandchildren. Tags don't have to be send-able or sell-able like cards.

I made the background on this tag when I was playing around making Tim Holtz style tags. It's blueness sat on my desk for days waiting for a purpose. I decided to stamp a few trikes on it using Distress ink. I stamped the first one and them just stamped off the ink for the other images. 

I had made the Enjoy the Ride flag a while ago for a different project and just pulled one out of the precut/prestamped drawer of my scrap storage. 

I thought it looked a little odd just sitting there so I decided to stitch it on the tag. I used embroidery floss and in retrospect I should not have used so many strands. The red was lonely so I stitched the 3 x's at the bottom of the tag. To complete the triangle I added the red ribbon.

I placed the tag on a kraft card and thought it was too plain so I added white polka dots. It's a simple card but I like it.

Happy Crafting,

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alexa said...

The little xxxs at the bottom connect perfectly with the ribbon. Lovely!