Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mod Podging Dramamine Containers
or The Advantages of Being Dizzy

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The other day Kim Kesti, of Creating Keepsakes and Moxie Fab World fame, asked for suggestions about how to combat vertigo on her personal blog. I posted a comment to the affect that the only way to fight it was to use Dramamine. I was prescribed Meclizine, the ingredient in Dramamine, several years ago for vertigo. When I discovered that Dramamine has the same ingredient at the same dose I abandoned the pricey doctor's visits for prescriptions and purchased it over the counter.

Kim's post reminded me that I was out of the meds and that I had 2 empty bottles bouncing around in my purse. The bottles are small and work well for carrying medications and other small things I don't want all over the bottom of my bag.  I usually have 2 bottles in my bag, one for the Dramamine and one for some kind of OTC pain med for headaches. These bottles are really the only advantage to vertigo, unless you like that morning after the night that never was feeling. People without this problem don't get the cool bottles.

There is a problem having multiple identical packages, sometimes I have to open 2 bottles to get what I am looking for. Also the bottles are about the size of a lipstick and because I generally search through my bag using the braille method I sometimes grab the wrong thing and when you are dizzy you don't want to waste time you want to get relief quickly.

Well I decided it was time to fix these problems. First off I didn't want the containers to look like they held Dramamine any longer. So I Mod Podged a bit of scrap paper to the outside (putting paper on the inside would just be silly). 
Then I got out the P-Touch labeler and added a label with the contents of each container. Now the didn't look like they held Dramamine, but they still felt sort of the same. So I added some bling so they would feel different in my hand. Not being particularly bling oriented or blingy or whatever you call someone who can't get enough of sparkles (Magpie perhaps) I kept it to a minimum: one gem for bobby pin, two pins for pain relievers. I added two coats of Mod Podge over the label and bling to seal them in. If I had any Mod Podge Dimensional Magic left I would have used that on top too so it would have a nice smooth glossy shell.

 Pretty, practical, perfect solution.

Happy Crafting,

I am in no way affiliated with Dramamine. I do not get paid to talk about this product (though that would be nice). I just think it is a great product in a cool little container.

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