Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cupcake Liners instead of Rosettes

I love the look of a well made rosette but I have trouble getting them into envelopes and scrapbook sheet protectors. I also have trouble with them staying together. I must be doing something terribly wrong because I know NO ONE else has this problem. I have been using cupcake liners instead of making rosettes for a while, they are quick, easy, thin, and stay together better. Unfortunately they only come in a couple of sizes, or do they.
Recently I was in Micheal's wandering in the $1 aisle and I saw the cutest cupcake liners by Studio 18. They had a bit of a nautical feel on the sides, even though there were and I thought I could use them on cards or scrapbook pages and if I lost interest in crafting with them I could always make cupcakes in them. 

I wanted them to lay flat and these liners were having none of that so I cut them. That sounds so cruel, if something doesn't cooperate with me I go to "I cut you man" but I digress. I folded them in half and then in half again and cut the center circle out. Then slit the side so it would lay down making a semi circle then I did the same with another liner. I glued the two together to make a circle. There is an overlap on both ends of about 6-10 pleats, depending on the size of circle you want.

When I made the circle it reminded me of a circus tent and I just happened to have a Circus stamp set from TPC Studio in stash. It also reminded me of the onesie my son was wearing when he first stood on his own. I had to find those pictures. Dig. Dig. Dig. Eureka!
The elephant's frame is overlapped by 6 pleats on each side.
I colored all the circus image before I found the picture, what great luck that the "extras" in the picture were yellow. I cut all the circles on the page with Spellbinder's Circle die. The journal circle was cut out of a divider that comes with Recollections photo boxes from Micheal's. I used a thin marker to draw the outline which gives it a much more finished look. I glued the images to the liners then glued the images to my page making sure that only the center of the liner/image piece was glued.

After I finished the page I poked around the interweb a while and looked for other ways to use cupcake liners. I pinned them all to a Pinterest board. Yes I've finally climbed aboard the Pinterest bandwagon. I resisted for a long time because I already had a Visualize.Us account and didn't see the need but I couldn't resist any longer and signed up last week.  If you'd like to see the other ways to use cupcake liners check out my Cupcake Liners Board.

Working on a couple of tutorials so keep an eye out for those. Better yet become a follower so you don't miss them.

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Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

What a great idea to use cupcake liners like this. Love how they fit the circus theme & that is such a cute photo!