Sunday, November 13, 2011

Change of the Holiday Decor

We've been a bit busy around here, my apologies for not posting more regularly.

The day before Veteran's Day my son and I made cards for all the veterans at the retirement living center near our house. Because there was no school on Friday and I wasn't working we were able to go deliver them. I think I saw at least a couple of gentlemen tear up. I don't know how it affected my son, he was acting a bit shy, but I was really moved by these veteran's stories.

No trace of Halloween decor here.
This weekend we also finally converted the Halloween wreath to a Fall wreath. We removed the words and the black flowers and pinned on silk fall leaves. Lots of T-pins, lots of leaves.

I overlapped the leaves so the pins were hidden but there were some spots where that just wouldn't work so I used ball pins as the centers of flowers that covered the T-pins. I just love the styrofoam base because you can use pins on it and the orange burlap hides all the holes in the base. A great combo really.

Yellow ball pin as the center of a flower hides the pin below.

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