Friday, May 20, 2011

Job Search is like being in College, Flying high on Kudos, Gray Matters

I have been taking classes through the WIA Capstone program this week. These are classes to help job seekers brush up on their skills and learn a few new ones. I've learned a lot about Word and Excel and yesterday I had a class on the use of Social Media in Job Search with the fabulous Thomas Cunningham.
One thing job seekers need to do is identify is their strengths and so that task bubble has been floating around in my head. One thing I am pretty good at is seeing things.  I'm not talking about hallucinations or X-ray vision. I'm talking about interpreting things differently. For example there is a cracked tile on my bathroom floor. Some people interpret that as, "Time to replace the tile." I look at the patterns of the crack as see a woman in a short skirt on with arms outstretched. 
These classes I'm taking are being experienced by several people but have any of them seen them like required freshmen year classes in college? 
  • It's exciting to learn new stuff, but you may already know some of the material.
  • It's a bit scary because it's unfamiliar.
  • "What kind of job are you looking for?"  == "What's your major?"
  • "Where did you work?" == "What high school did you go to?"
  • "Who is your career coach?" == "Who's your favorite prof?"
  • Professional networking is like to going to a party, "let's exchange numbers,"  without the morning after regrets.

Last night after dinner and my son's Cub Scout Pack meeting I stayed up into the wee wee hours of the morning and finished our church group newsletter.  I would love to show it all to you but because there are minors presented I can't, even though no one has said don't I just can't. But I can share a portion of the email I received this morning:
"Good morning! I'm just sitting in complete awe looking and reading the newsletter. It's just BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Thanks for all your efforts, creativity and talent to put that together and make CFM really shine!"
I may be sleep deprived but I am flying high on the kudos.


I received another email from the mother of one of the children featured in the newsletter. and because it is easier to share it this way I will:

Gray Matters!
I bet you didn’t know that May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month or that gray is the color that represents our gray matter!
That’s right Gray Matters!
in support of her continued fight against an inoperable brain tumor (brain cancer) and to help raise awareness for all brain tumor patients.
…That brain tumors are the deadliest form of childhood cancer?
…That every day 9 children in the U.S. are diagnosed with a brain tumor?
…That 76% of children diagnosed with a brain tumor are younger than 15?
…That brain cancer research is significantly underfunded and that the public remains unaware of the enormity of this devastating disease?
…That research focused specifically on pediatric brain tumors is critical to saving children’s lives and improving survivors’ quality of life?
…That the cure rate for brain cancer is significantly lower than that of most other types of cancer?
…That 3-5 times the amount of research money, per patient, is spent on adults with cancer verses children with cancer?
…That there are more than 130 different types of brain tumors?
…That pediatric brain tumors AREN’T like those in adults? Children’s brain tumors require specific research and different treatments!!
If this message has heightened your awareness of the needs of pediatric brain tumor patients and you feel compelled to HELP; then
PLEASE, make a donation NOW!
The BRAIN TUMOR STOMPERS will be walking on July 28 at 6:30pm at the Run for Gus Annual event at  Diversey Harbor in Lincoln Park, Chicago. The Colucci Family will be walking in the 1 mile Fun Walk with our family and friends to STOMP OUT brain tumors!! Please, join the 5K run, or 1mile walk if you’d like! We will be walking with our good friend JAKUB (6) who also has brain cancer. We are the TUMOR STOMPERS!!! The Run for Gus supports pediatric brain tumor research at Children’s Memorial Hospital. PLEASE come join in the walk that can change kid’s lives!
Thank you!

Happy Crafting,

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