Wednesday, December 22, 2010

WOYWW - a different day and perspective

Sunday my son took over the camera and snapped pictures of anything and everything. This is what kids do and I thank God and all the people involved in developing digital technology that allows me to delete unwanted images. I don't really need a picture of the seat of my chair or a close up of a pen cap.

Sunday I had a particularly creative session of experimenting with inks, paints, stamps and papers. The remnants are in the picture below. So I get to play Eye Spy with all of you too. Because he is shorter and shot the picture from farther away than I usually do you get to see a lot more of the mess storage .
Click to enlarge, makes Eye Spy easier to play,

Can you find:
  1. A proportion wheel (put away, sort of)
  2. A Spirograph set, circa 1972 (put away)
  3. A boom box remote control (put away)
  4. A Fiskar's stamp press (out)
  5. A Stamp-a-ma-jig  (put away)
  6. A Fiskar's cutter (put away) 
  7. Tulip Puff Paint (out)
  8. Decorative Duck Brand Tape  (out - hint it is black and white and damask all over)
  9. A roll of paper towels (put away, sort of)
  10. A calculator that I use more than the proportion wheel (put away)

For bonus points (which, when added to $5 will get you a hot drink at Starbucks):  a donkey sticker, 2 penguins on an ice floe, and a heat gun - all put away, plus a cell phone that only allows me to talk to people (not put away).
Happy Crafting,


JoZart said...

Well done to you (and your son for the pics). Great tidy up there and great space to craft in too. Happy WOYWW Christmas!
JoZarty x

jude said...

Love the piccy¬Have a very "Merry Christmas & Happy ,Healthy,Crafty New Year"
Hugs judex

Chrissie said...

Great picture, if I knew what some of things were on your list I might be able to look for them...I've never heard of a proportion wheel, so I'm at a total loss for that one!
Have a great Christmas.

Marjo said...

Great pic thanks for the peek and sharing.

Happy Holidays and creative crafting in the New Year.

Hugs, Marjo #5

Susan Allan said...

Lovely organised work area. I think i spotted the proportion wheel on the right.
Have fun.
sue xx 15

Twiglet said...

lol - Have a merry Christmas and a crafty and healthy New Year!

dandelion dreamer said...

love your tidy workplace...a great place to play! Enjoy Christmas. Moira x

Chelle said...

I love that your son took the photo. I was just thinking that a spirograph (which I kids..have a newer model) would make a great background for a layout about the kids drawing. Happy holidays. #58

Anonymous said...

Oh that takes me back. My Spirograph set was the best Christmas present ever back in 1975 when I got one!!

Have a wonderful Christmas
Brenda 45

sandra de said...

It is all so tidy and I love the ink storage system. Well done for letting the son use the camera. I am a little too protective of my camera. Have a lovely week.
Sandra /#81

Lynn Stevens said...

Found the proportion wheel right away. Gosh I havent played I spy in years! I keep enlarging the picture then go back to check your list! LOL
Great to see things from a childs view.
Merry Christmas Katie!

Carmen said...

Oooooh I used to love the spirograph! Many a happy hour!

Merry Christmas!

CArmen #80

Maggie's Crafts said...

Great pics! Thank you for sharing and visiting my blog. :)

Do you know about my blog candy?

Merry Christmas!


Scrapcollectr said...

A very inviting workspace.... Tell your son: great perspective! Enjoy your holidays and thx for popping by!

Minxy said...

Great desk shot, can i ask how you have your inks stored, is it using pegs in your peg board, i cant quite see how there floating lol
Wishing you Happy Christmas :D
Minxy #4

Nicky said...

Great shot of your desk and fun looking for things although I dont know what all of them are lol - Have a great Christmas ~ Nicky 52