Sunday, December 12, 2010

Winter Blossoms

Have you ever bought craft supplies because you had a "plan" for them, then got them home and tried to work the plan only to find out the plan wouldn't work for you? Do you have craft supplies you're storing because someday you will use them on something, anything? Be honest now

Me too. I have oodles of stuff like that. Well today I married up some seemingly unrelated items and was quite pleased with the results.

When the local JoAnn Fabrics closed their doors I nearly bought out the place. That was in the days of cash flow, when I worked 10 minutes from home and JoAnn was between here and there. I had a "plan" for each purchase, of course that was 4 years ago and so many of those projects have been abandoned or forgotten. I bought a lot of brads, snaps and eyelets back then. If you follow my work you know I don't use a lot of these items so I still have a little drawer full of brads, etc.

When shopping in stores with floral aisles departments I will pick up fallen flowers and bring them to the cashier to be "dealt" with. I don't want them to be destroyed my a cart if they can be returned to a stem, generally cashiers will take them and lean toward the waste basket. I always offer to take these fallen treasures home. It's become habit and now I have a box full of flowers.

Last year I bought a string of felt snowflake garland to cut up and use on cards. These cards were never made. And I have a sandwich box full of flakes.

These are not the days of cash flow and this year's gifts aren't much so I wanted to make the tags special and more elaborate than usual. The items listed above don't sound like they would combine well but they actually went together quite well to form the embellishment on some of this year's tags.

Which do you prefer, music or Italian Poetry?

I've been following Tim Holtz's 12 Tags of Christmas, it's now one of my holiday traditions, and I loved the colors and music background on Tag Number 9.

Well I don't have that stamp but I do have some holiday song books and a printer/copier that I can reduce stuff on so I reduced some sheet music for a background. and tried to use Distress ink on it to change the color. Well the colors on the music started to smear so I abandoned the idea and crumpled up the paper then used the ink pad directly on the paper picking up the wrinkles only.

I tried using the same colors with the Italian Poetry stamp from Hero Arts and some distressing. I didn't go as far as Tim did with the distressing (if you could see my desk you'd know why) and it's ok but not a wow.

I used a wide Christmas plaid ribbon on the right and added the brad, blossom, flake embellishment. I am thinking about centering a die cut between the embellishment and the bottom of the tag so I can add the gift recipient's name to the tag. I've been searching for my small alpha stickers off and on all day, this is the drawback of leaving the studioffice with supplies, sometimes they don't return to the right spot.

My son prefers the music tag to the Italian Poetry tag. Which do you prefer? 

Spellbinders Nestabilities Label 4 die.
Stampin' Up! Cardinal Christmas stamp set
My son also prefers a yellow center to a reddish one so here is one of his gifts. The letters here are from a Chartpak Velvet Touch Lettering set of rub-on I used in college - before computers were so ubiquitous. They are 25 years old and still work well if not often. I have so many of them and have decided to use them this year.  I have a new philosophy when it comes to a lot of stuff in my massive stash: use it or lose it. If it's not serving me I'm serving it by storing it and that needs to end. Too much clutter makes the mojo go blind.

A while back I received an envelope of papers from Jamaica Edgell, of the Effer Dares, as a share for a challenge the Dares were running. It was quite inspiring. I got a page from a daily planner, a "Hello my name is…" sticker, and several colorful scrapbook papers. I created something as soon as I got it. It was that inspiring.

Well I am considering doing the same thing, offering inspiration packs to my followers and friends. My stash includes a lot of postage stamps, antique books, maps, the aforementioned flowers, and scrapbook papers. If you would be interested in receiving an inspiration pack become a follower and let me know. I will start putting them together.

Happy Crafting,

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