Friday, December 17, 2010

The little things mean so much

I love that my son wants to spend time with me. He hugs me for no reason, or when he knows he is in trouble. I know that his desire to be in the same room with me will disappear in a few years so I cherish the sweet silly things we do together. He is a great sharer when it comes to goofy stuff we do and these stickers are no exception. 
Stickers from a birthday party on the back of a Christmas card envelope.
He got a set of stickers at a birthday party on Sunday and we put these robots together over breakfast Monday morning. I would but a set of eyes on the face and he would put on the mouth or I would put on an arm and he would put on the other. The story he came up with for these images was so sweet and I feel bad that I didn't write it down after he left for school. I do remember that the last one on the right had a itchy arm. Odd that metal could itch.
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Teacher Tam said...

Great story!