Friday, December 10, 2010

#7271 loves Ikea

Yesterday I was busy running around doing errands and helping a friend whose car was in the shop. I had a list but not a lot of time. One item on that list was to find a new top for the drawers in my studioffice closet. I wanted a flat surface for wrapping gifts and packing items for shipping. 
I removed the board on the back.
My son took the picture and the color
was so bad so I converted it to B/W.
I went to Ikea, got the stuff I needed and headed to the As Is section for the board. I pulled out my measurements and one of those super fancy paper measuring tapes they offer and there is was, sitting on the floor in front of the rest of the boards. A real wood board just the right size with no holes drilled through it, rounded corners plus an additional piece of wood hinged on the back so it be placed against the wall and not move around for only $3. It was like a gift from God. All I had to do was remove the 1"x2" board that was on the back. It was a great handle but wouldn't lay flat on the drawers.
Speaking of gifts, when I got home there was a package waiting for me. I was hoping it would be a silhouette but no. It was something totally unexpected. I became a Fiskateer in June and they sent me a gift. Monogrammed scissors. How cool is that. The handle is not the familiar Fiskar's orange but orange and lime. So happy.

Happy Crafting,

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Lynn Stevens said...

its like it was meant to be, Don't you just Love days like that, what a nice surprise from Fiskers!