Thursday, November 4, 2010

Scrapbook kit clubs

I am a one page at a time scrapbooker. I like to make a page or a spread and never really worry about a whole book coordinating. That's what I do for my own books. For gift books, and I am starting the planning for all the homemade Christmas gifts, I want the whole thing to go together. 
Is it time for a kit? There are tons of kits available and clubs that coordinate papers and elements for you. When searching "scrapbook kit clubs" on Google I came across an article on Squidoo by Fiskateer Angela Daniels that lists several and a few hints on starting your own.

Should I join a kit club, maybe I should work through my stash first? Whether I join or not I LOVE Scrapbooking from the Inside Out. It's a monthly kit based on one word, this month's word is Acceptance. One of the great features of this club can be found under the "Inspiration tab". They have design team samples, journaling prompts, music and quotes that may help you scrap the month's word. I have on more than one occasion scrapped into the wee hours listening to their play list. Great stuff.
The fabulous Donna Downey is giving away a Sweet Peach Crop Shop kit this week. They have beautiful stuff go see. If you don't win you can purchase the kit and get free shipping using the code on her blog. Go. Check it out.

Happy Crafting,


Rachel said...

Katie thanks so much for the love! :) Rachel from SFTIO

Kathy said...

I'm not in any kit clubs atm but I do love them - they are often really good value, plus you always find stuff in them that you're not aware of or just haven't used (yet) - so you often get a sample piece rather than buying a whole pack - a great way to try out new things.
I used to love getting my box of goodies from "Self Addressed" kits in the US - sadly they're not in existence anymore boohoo.
I'm off to check out your links now!