Thursday, November 11, 2010

What's the significance of the logo?

On Tuesday's post I showed my new stamp with my logo on it and I received a comment that stopped me:
Blogger Jacki Marie said...
what about your logo? what's the significance? If you already talked about it on another post, can you link me to it?
I love your stamp.... and logo.

After reading that I realized I've never really shared my logo and the story behind it so this is for Jacki and anyone else who's interested.

The logo at first glance is a heart with 2 lines. Second glance and those lines look like an equal sign. I could get really deep and say it's about loving everyone equally - which I'm all about - but that's not what it is or what it is about.

I have been doodling and experimenting with this design my entire life and when I drew the elements together and saw what emerged I knew I had found a design I really liked. The logo is my initials, KB on turned counterclockwise.

Happy Crafting,


Jacki Marie said...

That is sooooo clever! I love it!

Carola Bartz said...

Brilliant!!! Love this!