Wednesday, November 24, 2010

EYE SPY Gratitude

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I am so excited my family is coming to join us. I am grateful that they are bringing the food, fixing it and helping clean up too. My Dad and sister are AWESOME! My sister even wants to get my tree set up tomorrow after the meal and boy birthday (the family always gives their gifts on Thanksgiving as his birthday is within the week). How wonderful is that!

So I have been thinking about gratitude and counting my blessings this week. 
Faith, family, friends, health, and you dear visitor make my list. 

Because tomorrow is the big holiday and my Dad should be on the road soon (he and my sister drive 5 hours to be with us) I need to cut this short so I can finish the cleaning up after a kid's party this past weekend. They did well and didn't completely trash the joint but I got a bit lazy and spent the days since looking for work, playing with the boy and preparing for his science fair so I need to get to it.

The Eye Spy game went so well last week that I think I will repeat it this week.
Click to enlarge, makes Eye Spy easier!
 Can you find:
  1. 16 pence from a kid's culture project
  2. a ceramic boxer dog on the mend
  3. a reminder to be thankful
  4. glitter embossing powder 
  5. tweezers
  6. a call for deli cheese
  7. portable alphabet storage
  8. a pictureless Ikea frame
  9. a bit of black divine twine
  10. and a place card make with a tag

I'll give you the answer to number 10. The Craig above is a place card idea I was playing with could be a napkin ring too. I'm discovering my son likes things plain because when I tried to use patterned paper he protested. The other place card for my mum mom uses recycled materials and the aforementioned glitter embossing powder. I don't really like the look so much but my son LOVES it and thinks his Nana will too so we will keep it.

My family is not into paper crafts and foofy stuff like place cards so it doesn't matter what I make really. They come for the company and food and don't care what the house looks like as long as they are well fed. I love them.

I was so hoping to crack the WOYWW top 100 but that's not happening again today. Someday, maybe.

 Happy Crafting,


Joanne said...

Enjoyed the game. Have a wonderful family day tomorrow. (13)

Chrissie said...

I fancy the look of all those inkpads...yum!
Chrissie #5

Nicky said...

Fun game - love the way your ink pads are stored look like they are floating - thanks for sharing ~127

oneoff said...

Enjoyed the i-spy, and I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with a random collection of things on their desk.

Bernie #11