Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Grandpa Munster at 1

While cleaning the studioffice Friday I came across this sheet of pictures of my son taken on his first birthday. Well the room was relatively clean so I was able to, felt compelled to, scrap this photo because I didn't have a "place" for it. Now the room is not as clean as before but I have this pretty page for his book.

The papers are all Stampin' Up! The journaling is on the patterned paper, which wasn't the original idea but my printer refused to print on turquoise paper. Flat out refused. I ran it through several times and nothing. Printed on white after the turquoise was spit out but would not print on the colored paper. I spent way too much time trying to print. The headline is set in Nutmeg glossy stickers from Thickers.

My dad came for a visit from Michigan this weekend which explains no posts for a few days. When I showed my dad the page he didn't notice the papers or embellishments his eye went right to the photos. "Aw isn't he cute. He looks like Grandpa Munster in this picture. Oh look," he says pointing to the headline, "it says Grandpa Munster right there." Laughter fills the room.

The title is "Grandpa Munster at 1" because my dad ALWAYS says he looks like Grandpa Munster, it's the way he's holding his hand. I don't see it really but my dad and I laugh about it each time we see this photo so I went with it.

Tomorrow another page and maybe a few images in the Flickr pool.

Happy Crafting,

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