Monday, September 13, 2010

Effer Dares - 168

Now on to the Effer Dares challenge. Dare 168 was supplied by Stephanie Wheeler, aka livingroomfloor. She was given the power to choose this week's dare and this is what she came up with:

Scrap a soundtrack to a memory.

I had to read that several times and look at the samples repeatedly before I really knew what I wanted to do. My first thought for a soundtrack was the Bill Murray movie Meatballs. I used to love the song "Are You Ready For The Summer?" But a memory of dancing around my room alone didn't really seem scrap worthy. Of course the song is blog worthy so here you go, relive your youth or create a new memory.

After a bit more thought I decided to scrap a memory I actually shared with someone, I don't remember her full name but skating was a regular activity I shared with a girl name Virginia or as everyone I knew called her, Punky (this was well before the days of Punky Brewster).

I included the lyrics because when this page is unearthed when I am old a grayer I will want to know that the words were. The photo, by McBeth, was found on Flickr.

Here you go:

Well I've got to do all I've got to do so I need to get to doing it.

Happy Crafting,


Lynn Stevens said...

gosh did this bring back memories of going to the local skating rink on a Friday night, skating to the music and having fun!

Lauren said...

This is too much fun!