Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Last Day with Glad Press'n Seal

I love this bit of my son’s writing, this was the last assignment for the year, and this is what he wrote with all the spelling errors intact:

I like math & sincie the most about first grade.

In 2nd I may like math and sincie. I think math & sincie is very fun. I will have to do a lot of sinsie to be a palentologist when I am all grown up I also liked the Crismas party.

I think it's hilarious that he consistently spells science so poorly but is only one letter off on paleontologist.

We went to the library this evening to use their Windows computer. Apparently no one with a Mac should be out of work, but I digress. My son was none to keen on watching mom use the computer instead of getting to use one himself so after I got my stuff done we headed to the kids section so he could play computer games. We made a detour to the craft aisle to get a few books on scrapbooking first because I have a crop this weekend and was looking for a bit of inspiration.

One of the books had a section on doing your journaling long hand, without a computer or stickers or stamps. {yikes!} I don’t like my handwriting on scrapbook pages but there was a phrase that stuck with me, “history will appreciate your handwriting.” What a concept, but I know it’s true. I loved my mom’s handwriting but she has developed tremors in the past decade and at times she has trouble signing her own name. So I wrote the date on this page and part of the headline, and let my son’s handwriting be the feature of this page. Plus I may start journaling more long hand.

I would have done the entire headline in my own hand but I have been saving these chipboard stickers to use on a school page for the boy so long that the glue had lost its stickiness and I had to glue them down.

I laid the letters out on the page and really liked the look. To keep them exactly in that position I used Glad Press'n Seal. I took the Press'n Seal to the letters and after they were stuck to it, I turned the headline and Press'n Seal over. I added adhesive and then placed the whole thing right where I wanted it, no having to arrange things twice.

I don’t now if Press'n Seal will work in the Xyron, but if it does Woo Hoo. I have been doing the perfect placement trick for years using repositionable (repo) tape and that stuff gets expensive. It the elements are small and don’t need to go through the Xyron I can reuse the tape, but if it’s going through the Xyron the adhesive makes it impossible to reuse repo tape.

Give this trick a try it works great.

Happy Crafting


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