Thursday, June 24, 2010


What a wonderful phrase and a wonderful surprise too.

Yesterday there were terrible storms in Chicagoland and so I kept my son home from camp because I didn't want to be out in an electrical storm. Normally this isn't a big deal. Run to the car which is on the street but they were working on our street and we would have to walk to the local school parking lot and we would be the tallest things in the lot.

Once the storm passed we went to Ikea for a kitchen clock and lunch. When we got to the cafeteria there was a sticker on the kids menu that said, "KIDS EAT FREE". Woo hoo! So my son and I had a wonderful meal with vegetables and flavor and minimal fat and salt for less than a trip to McDonalds. If you are near an Ikea and your kids are under 12 GO!

I found this on their web site:
Kids Eat Free!
June 23rd - July 5th, 2010.
Valid at participating stores only.
Check your local store for details.

The store was fairly busy for the middle of the day on a Wednesday. We saw a lot of moms and their college-bound kids buying dorm gear. These are smart moms because Ikea is also having sale from June 23rd - July 5th, 2010. Again, GO!

We did our shopping and came home and I decided I didn't want a plain old clock this time. It's all of $2.99 but I wanted a little style, something to go with the kitchen so here it is…

Happy Crafting,

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