Tuesday, January 12, 2010

one little word

OK so I'm a little slow. Things like holidays creep up on me, then overtake me, then fade from everyone else's memory while I stand there hoping to get stuff done for the holiday that... what? it's over?

The same is true in picking my "one little word" for the year. I've been thinking about it since I started reading all the words crafty bloggers have chosen. I've thought about how influential one person, Ali Edwards, can be. How she introduced this idea years ago and how so many people choose their "one little word" like they make resolutions. Maybe they even think about that "one little word" more than the resolutions that are broken by this time every year because they've scrapped it, framed it, blogged about it, had it made into jewelry.

One word seems too small to carry me through the year, to give me daily inspiration, to sustain a sagging spirit. I considered a lot of words: bloom, act, learn, create and a host of others. I even went the esoteric route and considered theosis, which is the process of transformation of a believer who is putting into practice the spiritual teachings of Jesus Christ and His gospel.

As wonderful and noble as those idea are none of those single words was going to do it for me. I chose effort last year and it didn't do a thing for me. I made no extra efforts in 2009. In fact I made fewer - we didn't even get a Christmas tree up this year. I know terrible isn't it, but in my defense we weren't going to be home for the holiday so it seemed a bit pointless.

No, for me the word would need to be an homonym, one word that could mean many things. That word is… LIGHT.


Yes, light because of it’s many meanings that mean something to me. I want to be light instead of heavy, walking in the magic shoes more and only cheating a little with food is already helping. I want to follow the light of Christ more closely. I want to lighten my debt load. I want to sleep better and be out like a light earlier each night. I need to light a fine under my butt to finish what I start and start what I should finish. I want to become the light of someone’s life this year. These are goals and wishes for 2010 and if they don't all happen I need to lighten up and not get stressed about it.

As you can see LIGHT is a good word. It can be used in so many ways and mean so many things. Plus there is always light around, a lamp here a window there. So it’s easy to remember.

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