Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pirate Birthday Party Invitation

I used glitter on my boy's birthday invitation.

Pirate Birthday Invitation
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This past my son celebrated his seventh birthday. He had a pirate party. The boys all pulled pirate names and my son was Pugwash - his least favorite name. We also had Diablo, Blue Beard, Black 'Stache, Red Legs, No Nose (which sounds as much like a mobster as a pirate to me), and Peg Leg Pete.

Once they had their names they needed to be transformed into pirates. I called the boys one by one into the kitchen to have their faces painted with beards, mustaches and scars (a favorite with 7 year old boys). Added eye patches and hats (from Long John Silvers) and gold hoop clip ons that once belonged to my aunt and they were done.

To keep them from being totally bored during the transformations I had them make a giant treasure map. My son and I aged the edges before the party and I drew a large X on itm after that it was up to the group. They drew fishes, islands, waves, the sun and other nautically kinds of things.

After they were all transformed and the map was done they had to "make their mark" on a small flag and then we played "make your mark on the map" (think pin the tail on the donkey). The other planned activities were not planned well enough because of a super busy week at work so they acted like pirates. Raiding my sons toys and basically trashing the house -- loudly. They had a blast.

Then the battle at sea began. The village fireworks went off and the kids went outside and ran around in the yard yelling and screaming like crazed monkeys.

A bit of pizza. some cupcakes and ice cream, opening presents, playing with presents and it was all over. 4 hours of chaos and then…


I crashed on the couch. My son, too involved in his new Lego sets to sleep, stayed up and played until nearly 11.

We both slept late on Sunday.

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