Thursday, June 18, 2009

Free Images!!

The aroma of the old homestead is a combination of musty cellar, dusty old books, sweet cedar and other real woods with maybe a hint of Jean Nate. It is the scent of memory, a parting gift from my relatives.

Last weekend we brought furniture and other items infused with that memory to my house. Bibles, prayer books, and schoolbooks filled with tattered newspaper clippings, cards and receipts, photos, and correspondence plus the bookcase that housed them all now live in my bedroom. A hi-fi center sits in the living room and my kitchen has “new to me” table and chairs that are decades old. Once we clean out the new, prefabricated, furniture in my son’s room his toys will be housed in a toy box my grandfather made for my dad. Over a hundred years of family history fills a house that was built 8 years after I was born.

I am in the process of gleaning. I must determine which items should be sent to the county historical society, which should go to other family members, which should be dumped and which should be posted for all you crafty types to use. There are some books and illustrations that may be fun to work with. I will be scanning them and posting them here.

If you look back through the posts you will see that I am erratic at best. Subscribing directly or through a blog reader service like Google Reader is the best way to insure you don’t miss a post or freebie by lazy posters like me.

The following images are from The People's Common Sense Medical Adviser in Plain English; or Medicine Simplified. By R. V. Pierce © 1895 published by The World's Dispensary Printing Office and Bindery, Buffalo, NY

These are hi-res images, scanned full size. The Penmanship Sample was tucked into the medical book. There was never any rhyme or reason I could find as to why certain clippings were in certain books.


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