Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Crystal Effects Aids Blind Woman

Once upon a time, this past Saturday morning, as I sat at the dining room table eating breakfast my glasses slipped down my nose. I caught them just in time to avoid a milk bath. The weird part was that the right arm was still behind my ear. The screw was nice and tight but the arm slipped right off the peg that holds it onto the frame.
What to do? What to do?
I had a booking that afternoon and wasn't completely prepared, I still had a few things to cut, a few things to make. There was no way I would have time to go to the I put on my old prescription sunglasses and got out the Crystal Effects. It's not only a wonderful way to put a little shiny on your projects, it's also a great glue. I had a bit of trouble getting to glue in the little hole on the glasses arm because  - well it was dark and I was wearing sunglasses. 
The headache began early from squinty through old glasses in my dark craft room. I took my shower and got dressed, activities that didn't require glasses. I put on the old glasses and called the hostess of that day's party. "I've got good news and bad news…" I explained that I would be there, but I may be wearing dark glasses and have a splitting headache which may force me to shorted the party. I packed up the materials I would need for the party and kept crafting.
I tried my glasses on after the Crystal Effects had had about 2 hours to set, 24 hours is recommended for a job like this but it worked. I could see and off I went. I'm sure that if the day's projects had called for the use of Crystal Effects I would have had sold even more.
I'm going tomorrow night to get my eyes checks and get new glasses. The arm of these glasses is secure but the whole pair is a bit wonky because I am the only person at home to wrestle with a strong six year old.
I would love to get rid of glasses all together, supposedly my eyes are one of my best features. Being able to see when I wake up in the middle of the night would be great. Being able to in the shower would be great. Being able to walk into a heated building in winter and see would be great.
Contacts perhaps? No, I had a bad experience with contacts in college plus I don't have time to fuss with it in the morning and I'm often too tired at night. Lasik? I thought about Lasik but I was advised against it by my eye doctor because, "you're at the age where your vision is changing" plus I am WAY TOO CHICKEN! I only have one pair of eyes and I count  on them for my livelihood. I can't afford vanity. So I will be getting new specs.
Being able to see in the shower would really be great. Last week I got in the shower, sans specs of course, and looked down and thought to myself, "I'm sure I took the hair out of the shower after my last shower." I bent down to take care of it and it moved! It was the biggest spider I have ever seen crawling toward me in the shower. I sprayed it down the drain and showered quickly.
The jumbo spider reminded me of a Halloween card I made last year and didn't post. The green background is Kiwi Kiss run through the Cuttlebug. The spider web was made by inking a Fisker's texture plate and brayering a piece of Whisper White over it. The Spider is an older SU! stamp. Boo! was a dollar bin find a few years ago and the ribbons were scraps found in the Big Box of Help Yourself  at the Roger's Park Stamp Tramp Halloween card making party. 


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Excellent post!