Thursday, March 5, 2009

what I did on my winter vacation

Norwegian Troll and 2 dorks
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Disney World allows you to be a total dork and no one really cares. We do things on vacations we would never do at home. Like taking a picture with a giant Norwegian troll wearing hats with horns. Immediately after the pics we decided not to purchase the weapon or the hats. I would NEVER do the here. I would not enjoy a photo op and then not purchase the props. How rude. Like I said, "we do things on vacations we would never do at home".

I am currently trying to go through the 700 (yes 700) pictures from the trip. Some will be deleted - love digital cameras - some will be shared online, some will be scrapbooked and some will be printed, framed and given to Disney fans as gift. Grandmothers love that stuff, at least that boy's grandmother does.

I will be sharing a photo essay of sorts on flickr in the not too distant future called, "Give a 6 year old a camera and…" there were pictures of just cement, some that are too blurry to make out and some people without heads but then there were some that are wonderfully composed and perfectly framed. The range is pretty amazing.

Now it's time to get dinner made and homework done. Yes even in kindergarten you get homework. I don't remember that part of kindergarten but then I only remember using colored popcorn to make a thanksgiving turkey and being Mary in the classroom presentation of the Christmas story.

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Anonymous said...

Which one is the troll in the picture? And I have you beat. I took nearly 900 pictures in Hawaii. Yes, I love digital too.