Monday, December 15, 2008

Tagged Finally

I decided a long time ago not to answer tag questions until I was tagged, it's like inviting yourself to other people's parties. "It's just not done". I read other people's blogs and comment when I can, but my modest little blog has gone untagged. The only tags anyone has ever seen here are like the one at the left. But that's changed when my downline, Kathy Wendhack, tagged me.

7 Random and/or Weird Facts About Myself

1. I can plug my nose with my upper lip. Unattractive but really useful on garbage day and when I used to change diapers.
2. I was born in St. Louis, Mo.
3. I have worked for the same company for nearly 20 years. In this day and age that's just weird.
4. I don't like coffee or hot dogs and I'm not that wild about apple's either.
5. I've had a least one out of body experience.
6. I hate shopping for clothes, especially shoes (I wear a size 11 they're hard to find).
7. I never learned to swim.

7 [Not So] Random Tags. These things are never really random are they. These people are on my SuperStar artist list and I would love to meet them all.

1. Suzan Buckner : The Thrifty Collage Artist. Suzan is painter not necessarily a stamper and her stuff is amazing!

2. Hermine Koster : Hermine's Place (in the Netherlands)  The fact that an international trip would be required to meet Hermine is just part a bonus, I would love to play in her craft room with her and watch her create her wonderful work.

3. LOUISE CROSBIE : Zuzu's Petals & Stuff (in Edinburgh, Scotland)  

4. Julie Buhler : Paper Pleasing Ideas This is one of the very first blogs I started following every day.

5. Susan Williamson : Artopia Update Susan uses the photoshop, paints, inks, found objects to make paintings, ATCs, MOOs, or 3D objects. All are a wow.

6. Becca Feeken : Amazing Paper Grace I stumbled upon Becca's blog when I was searching for stuff for my sister Grace's Christmas book last year. I was amazed at her talent and have been a reader ever since.

7. Patty Bennett : Patty's Stamping Spot Patty is a Stampin' Up! Founder's Circle Member and such an inspiration. I love her work and would love to stamp with her.


Zuzu's Blog said...

Well Thank you very very much :-)

and lol @ superstar artist (very not a superstar !! honest lol)

i am off to have a wee look at your blog now..

Z x

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much I am very honoured.

Linda B said...

way cool.

Susan Williamson said...

So you've never learned to swim but you've had at least one out of body experience? That's like something out of a novel because you can obviously travel around in more interesting ways! Thanks so much for your lovely comments about my work. You made my week ...and all the best for a wonderful holiday.