Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This post is in response to yesterday's Chic n' Scratch post by Angie Kennedy Juda. I am always looking for ways to reorganize the craft room. There is so much stuff and crafting is easier when you can get to your stash quickly and without a lot of hassle. 

Whenever I see a blog about Ikea products in the craft room I kind of cheer inside. It's like a reaffirmation that I made a good choice. Well Angie got the shelves that I've been using and loving for years and the cheer went up. I read that she got them in Chicago. Well so did I. Maybe Angie would like to take it a step further and add another layer to each shelf. 
I got these small shelves at the Container Store, they are designed for stacking/interlocking with other shelves but they fit perfectly in the cubbies of the Ikea shelving. I don't know if the small shelves are available online because I got mine in a store, but the larger shelves are.

You can see the little pieces of wood at the bottom of the shelves this raises them up just enough to get the mid-size stamp set storage under the shelf. The labels on the side are just printed off the computer. I put the name and number of stamps in each set on the side. I do this because I am old and going blind and I couldn't read the clear labels that come with the stamps. On the back of each box is a larger label with the name, number of stamps, order number and any notes that make it more sellable, such as coordinating stamps and punches. This is also a good reminder to me when I'm staring at a set wonder what I will do with it today.

Hope this helps someone, 

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Sharon said...

And isn't it great that the container store is right around the corner from the IKEA in Schaumburg???

Subscribing to your blog...never know when I might be able to hit one of your classes.

Kalyber said...

Yes it is!!!