Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tags, Halloween Banner, Costume Rules

More tags? Yes, I just can't seem to stop myself. The images are stamped in black and water colored in with ink from pad lids. The skies are all Baja Breeze. Other than that I can't remember all the details.

My favorite is the last one. Something wonderful happens when you mix Kiwi Kiss and Tangerine Tango - Oh my gosh I do remember some of the details.

Now on to other changes. Dig that new banner. I've seen so many Halloween cards on the blogs lately and was inspired. Summer is over and the conversations in my house have turned to, "What do you want to be for Halloween? No, really think about it."
The latest is a cowboy — which would be super easy and so I'm promoting that idea. The other idea is a tiger and that brings up the question, "where would I find an orange sweat suit for the kid. "

I have Halloween costume rules that must be followed.
1. It can't break the bank. I need to be able to make it or get the costume cheap. It's one day for cripes sake.
2. It must be warm so that you can wear it without having to cover it with a coat. I hated covering up my costume as a kid with a big bulky winter coat. I want my boy to be able to show off the costume without flashing his candy suppliers.
3. It has to be comfortable. This is key when he has to wear the thing all day at school.
4. They must be safe. No vision-obscuring masks. No sharp edges. No props that can hurt someone if he decides to demonstrate his "moves."

Sweatsuits to the rescue. I can layer t-shirts under them for warmth. They are very comfortable. They can be reused after the holiday so they are cost effective.

My plan was to whip stitch black felt stripes onto an orange sweatsuit, paint his face, add last year's after Halloween discounted tiger ears and tail and call it a day (or a tiger). The big question again - "where can I find an orange sweat suit for the kid. "

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