Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ralph Rocks!

This card is for my friend Missy. She couldn't go to the recent Ralph's World concert at Ravinia because of a family graduation so she gave the tickets to the boy and me. We sat with her husband and their 2 girls. The kids danced and played and we all sang and it was all good. 

Each square on the card refers to a Ralph's World song, you can hear a snippet of each song on the web site. The references are: Happy Lemons, The Coffee Song, At the Bottom of the Sea, and Baa Baa Black Sheep.

After the concert the boy and I stood in the long line and waited to get our CD covers signed by Ralph. As we got closer we saw that he was signing T-shirts as well — while the kids were wearing them. He'd pick the kids up, set them on a table, have them lay their heads down on a towel and then sign their shirts. Those kids were wearing official Ralph's World Merchandise that had spots to sign. but my boy was wearing a plain orange T-shirt ($2.50 ea this week at Michael's). Didn't phase Ralph. He took the 2 CD covers I was holding and signed them. Then he picked the kid up, laid him down and began to sign. "To E..." then he started to make a big curve and I didn't know what he was doing. Thought it would be a smily face. No it was a guitar. We have an original Ralph Covert drawing. So cool. He was super nice and if the batteries had lasted I would have pics of us all together but no such luck.

My boy wants the drawing to be permanent and he wants to wear the T-shirt - a lot. The drawing was made with a regular Sharpie. Is this really permanent through the wash? E wants me to go over the drawing the fabric marker so it will never come off. Is this necessary? Please advise.

Thanks again Missy.

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