Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thank you teachers

My son goes to the greatest school (title contains link).  He has been going to there since he was 10 weeks old. Five and a half years later many of the teachers are like family, a great big group of loving aunts that care for him, teach him and even entertain him. 
Last week was kindergarten graduation and school recognition day. The non-graduating students all the way down to the infants are recognized for their unique contribution to the school. Awards can be anything, Most Maternal infant, Most Affectionate preschooler, Best in Potty Training for a boy in the toddler room and a perennial favorite Most Improved.
My son took home the "Best in Language Arts" award. This covers not only reading and writing but vocabulary. He uses words many adults, let alone kids, don't use. Actually. Apparently. Properly. Fissure.
We made cards top thank the teachers for their efforts this year and here they are. The boy helped with them: some with stamping, others with punching and  some with just picking out colors. He got to choose which teacher got which card.

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