Sunday, January 28, 2007

To demo or not? That is the question.

I attended a book party this weekend. Our demonstrator was out of town but sent sample cards for us to copy. We each got to make 2 of the same card. I chose to make the second one different, which is typical. Her original design had the linen on the True Thyme rectangle instead of the entire background and the cow from Very Puny was popped out and up a bit higher on the card. Also I had valentine's stamps with me so I used a non-SU stamp at an SU event -- HORRORS! "'Course I ain't beholding to no stamp company -- yet."

I ordered too much for the budget to bear if I did this every month but I haven't gotten anything since October so I figured I could go a little crazy also it's Sell-A-Bration time. Can't wait for the order to come in and I can play with this set all the time. Also got Natural Beauty, which I've wanted forever, Linen background, All About You, Wild About You, Amazing to Zany and Carte Postale. My Freebies include Very Puny, Happy Harmony, So Very, and Big Blossom. There was a lot of debate around the stamping table about the merits of the various SAB sets, but I have been trolling Splitcoast Stampers and know what beautiful things are possible with all the sets. I love that site.

Our Stampin' Up demonstrator is giving up her business (trading demos for diapers) and we are now forced to find a new one or have one of us do it. I would love to do it but there are a few problems. I am really debating on this one. So here are the pros and cons. Someone sell me either way. I'm really struggling with this one,

1. I love stamping and I would get to do a lot of it.
2. discounts on stamps
3. extra money (that I would probably spend on stamps)
4. meeting new people
5. it's not a kid activity

1. It would mean more time away from my 4 y.o. son (I feel bad that I don't spend enough time with him as it is, though this weekend he patted me on the back when I sat down next him while he was watching a movie and said, "Mom it's time for you to go stamp.")
2. What do I do as far as child care goes. All my stamping buddies are an hour+ away.
3. Would I love stamping so much if it were a JOB.
4. I'm not much on "selling"
5. If I'm good there will be a lot of math & paper work

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