Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wash Wednesday - More Spring Cleaning

Traditionally laundry is a Monday thing.  When I worked at a neighborhood historical society 20 years ago there were all kinds of references in letters, books, and photographs that laundry was a Monday chore. It took all day before washing machines became common in the 1950s. My grandmother used to wash clothes on Monday even after she got a washer and dryer.

Even the folks living in that little house on the prairie washed their clothes on Monday.
Ma used to say, "Wash on Monday, Iron on Tuesday,  Mend on Wednesday,  Churn on Thursday, Clean on Friday, Bake on Saturday,  Rest on Sunday."               — Laura Ingalls Wilder 
Now that women are working outside the home the days chores are completed has changed. We do stuff when we can, or when we absolutely have to get it done. A child's lack of clean underwear (because he hasn't been putting stuff in the hamper like he should) can totally change the order of chores to be done.

So today is wash day. 

I made this card using Lawn Fawn's "Little Bundle" and "Loads of Fun" to create this card. The baby clothes are so sweet. Everything here is colored with Copic Markers. The strips at the bottom of the card are from my green drawer where I keep scraps precut to 5.5" so I can quickly add them to cards. The T-shirt, undies and boy's onesie are all paper pieced, those papers came from my patterned paper scrap drawer. The onesie is actually a bit of packaging - I love free paper.


Annie Solomon said...

Adorable. Thanks for posting the supplies. Good to know ow,what the,stamp,sets include.

Aunt Polly said...

What a clever baby card!