Monday, February 6, 2017

Loving on Wplus9

In February 2010 Dawn Woleslagle (wool-slay-gal), an accomplished watercolor artist and graphic designer, founded WPlus9 Design Studio. The first time I saw the company name I wondered what it meant, once I saw Dawn's last name it was it was a total "duh".

The first image I remember seeing was "Pocketful" and I wanted it - badly. Because money was not plentiful I had to pass on this set that included jean pockets with a variety of things that could poke out of the pocket. It was adorable. I've been enamored with Dawn's work ever since.

From whimsical critters to elegant florals to versatile sentiments, Wplus9 continues to bring beautiful sets to market. Stamps are released on the 5th of every other month, starting in February. The first week of release months the Design Blog features samples, product previews, and drawings for free products.

A couple of years ago when elephants were all the rage I fell hard for the elephants in Unforgettable and Bubble Talk. Those adorable critters needed to come live at my house. One of the things I like about these 2 sets is that they work so well together. The images are the same scale.


This card was made with paper scraps that I keep in drawers near my desk.

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